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On this site it possible to create online dichotomous identification keys. A new key can be generated after registration on this site. After the account has been activated the user can contact the Administrator (Paul Beuk) with the request to create a new key.

When you create a key it will be possible to insert couplets at a later date and all references to other couplets below the inserted couplet will be automatically updated, saving you the manual updating if you create you own keys in regular HTML. It is also possible to upload figures, enter captions for these figures and to refer to the images in the keys. Moving the mouse over an image icon will show the image in a floating layer.
The author/owner of the key will get the possibility to set a visibility level (all visitors, site members, author only). When it is set to 'All visitors' it is possible to give a link to the key from other websites. A feature that will be added in the future is the possibility to view the key without the layout as the current site has. Saving the key from your browser will enable you to use the key and the included images on other websites. Also, you'll be able to print the key with all illustrations.

Please contact the Administrator for more information.

Paul Beuk (Administrator)

A lot of time and effort has been invested in this project so I if you want to show your appreciation, you are welcome to make a donation.
Most recently added and updated Keys
Key title (Click Title to view Key)Latest modification on:
The British species of the genus Suillia
After Withers (1987).
09-01-2024 18:18
Lonchopteridae of Europe (P.L.Th. Beuk)
The key below is that of Barták (1986) with a few corrections and updated terminology as well as the addition of later described species.

Please, note that the online version refered to by Whittington & Beuk (2022) is archived HERE.
12-12-2023 16:10
Key to European Scatopsidae, occasionally supplemented with some species from other regions.
19-04-2023 17:56
This key aims to include all European species of the family Psilidae. It is based on the publications listed below and figures have been taken from these to supplement the key. If any of the figures should not be used because of copyright issues, please notify me a.s.a.p. and they will be removed. Any comments are welcome.

To be referenced as:
Beuk, P.L.T. [year of last edit]. Psilidae. http://online-keys.net/infusions/keys/keys_view.php?key_no=34 [accessed ---date---]

Please, note that the online version refered to by Claude & Tissot (2023) is archived HERE.
01-02-2023 17:37
The European species of the genus Stilpon Loew, 1859 (Diptera: Hybotidae)
A key to incorporate all European species of the genus Stilpon. The bulk of the keys is adapted from Chvála (1975, 1988) and Collin (1961).
16-11-2022 19:16
Key to the Western Palaearctic Asteiidae (Diptera) with a few additions from other regions.
Key based references below, combined and updated.
21-03-2022 12:54
The Palaearctic species of Sylvicola (Diptera: Anisopodidae)
A key based on the works by Krivosheina & Menzel (1998), Haenni (1997) and Søli (1992).
08-01-2021 11:24
Key to the West-Palaeractic species of Elaphropeza Macquart, 1827 (Diptera: Hybotidae).
This is the key as presented by Chvála (1971). At the time Elaphropeza was considered as a subgenus of the genus Drapetis and this has been the case until quite recently. The genus appears to be favouring warmer climates with larger numbers of species known from the Oriental, Neotropic and Ethiopian regions.
13-07-2017 11:03
The European species of Xylophagus (Diptera: Xylophagidae)
A key to the five European species of the genus Xylophagus (Diptera: Xylophagidae).
Author: Jere Kahanpää (kahanpaa at iki. fi).
This key is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.
03-07-2014 13:12
Key to genera and species of Hybotidae.
Key that is slowly being built up to accomodate groups of Hybotidae (genera, species). No complete coverage is reached at the moment. Sometimes species of a particular genus from only one region are included rather than all known species.
17-05-2013 14:10
Go HERE for a full list of keys.
Online Identification Keys site started
Today (3 January 2007) the Identification Key Creator site was started. At the moment, the necessary scripts are not yet installed. The basic work is done but some features need to be added and some polishing needs to be done. Please check here regularly to see if there are any updates.

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